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space actuators

Modular systems with extensive control and switching actuators


The M-Series is the modular I/O system with the greatest possible variety. Up to 8 different modules with up to 32 channels can be operated on one universal controller – and thanks to the application-specific outputs without additional amplifiers or coupling relays. In addition to conventional binary and analog inputs and outputs, all intelligent field devices with DALI, SMI or MP-Bus interfaces are also supported. This makes the M-Series so compact and reduces the wiring effort enormously.

Ideal for decentralised installation

In room automation, installation concepts with decentralised installation or system distributors are enjoying increasing popularity thanks to prefabrication and reduced fire loads. Since no two construction projects are the same and the composition of the field devices to be connected changes constantly, e.controls M-Series is the optimal solution here.

In order to meet the demand for prefabrication and functional reliability, spega also supplies ready-to-use and function-tested sheet steel system distributors in two versions on request:

e.control System distributor S

System distributors S are produced project-specifically and stand out due to short and error-free assembly and connection times on the construction site. The use of connectors also results in a clearly defined warranty limit. The size of the distributors, the distribution and position of the connectors, the power of the power supply as well as additional devices such as surge protection, transformers etc. can be determined project-specifically.

e.control System distributor R

System distributors R are also produced project-specifically, but require less coordination effort on the part of the customer, since the connection is made via terminal blocks. They are therefore also suitable for smaller construction projects. A wide cable entry opening with strain relief and foam seal ensures convenient connection of the cables. System distributors R are available in several sizes and can provide space for additional equipment.


  • Connection of up to 32 field devices from any trades with any control
  • Supports all intelligent field devices with DALI, SMI and MP-Bus interface
  • Ideal for decentralised distributors due to compact and cost-effective design
  • Plug-and-play system distributor with function guarantee


With the R series, e.control offers an extensive range of LON actuators for manifold installation. It includes binary and analog inputs and outputs as well as actuators for intelligent field devices for all room automation functions with up to 32 channels.

lighting actuators

The R series offers actuators suitable for all lighting technologies, whether switched with high-current relays, with 1-10V interface or dimmed via universal dimmer or controlled via DALI. And this with 4, 8, 12 or 16 channels. The DALI actuators can even operate up to 128 luminaires in up to 32 groups. The bidirectional communication between the DALI control units and the actuator also enables the detection of a lamp failure, for example. All actuators have parameterisable switch-on and switch-off delays, automatic staircase lighting and integrated scene management.

sun protection actuators

For sun protection technology, the R series also offers a comprehensive actuator range for 230V blind drives with 2 or 3 limit position switches, 24V DC motors and SMI or SMI LoVo drives. For conventional motors, actuators with 4, 8 or 12 outputs are available, while the SMI actuators can even control 32 SMI drives. Status feedback signals from the motors are available to the building management system similar to DALI. All actuators are capable of precisely positioning the sun protection in any intermediate position and with any slat angle and, in combination with the ombra BST automatic slat angle control, are suitable for slat tracking and shade correction. In addition, they are capable of priority-dependent management of operation commands ranging from weather protection to automatic functions.

HVAC actuators

Field devices of HVAC technology are connected to the extensive analogue and digital I/O actuator range of the R series. It includes inputs for 0-10V or 4-20mA signals as well as outputs for all types of actuators with 4 to 16 channels. Each output has functions for limiting the output value, calibration or valve maintenance against seizure. The MP-Bus actuator allows up to 16 bus-capable actuators to be positioned, their feedback and status values to be evaluated and the values of the measuring sensors connected to the actuators also to be read out.


  • Largest range of actuators with 4 to 32 channels for all trades
  • Supports all intelligent field devices with DALI, SMI and MP-Bus interface
  • Manual operation optional
  • Ideal for installation in sub-distribution boards


Modern installations in commercial construction are increasingly based on connectors. The use of pre-assembled cables saves an enormous amount of time and significantly reduces costs: cutting to length, stripping and clamping are no longer necessary, and wiring and connection errors are eliminated.
The spega D-series now impressively combines these installation advantages with the advantages of a modular and decentralized automation system. The supply and output cables are connected directly to the device via the gesis connector system from Wieland Electric.

Ideal for decentralised installation

All devices of the D-series impress with their extremely compact dimensions and variable mounting brackets, which enable installation directly on site in cavity floors, suspended ceilings or on cable routes. This results in short cable runs and low fire loads. Compared to system distributors with conventional devices and wired snap-in sockets, the D-Series offers lower costs, significantly less space requirements and the elimination of internal wiring with your potential sources of error.


D-Series actuators cover all common controls for lighting and sun protection technology. Switch actuators and dimming actuators with 1-10V and DALI interface are available, as are blind actuators for 230V drives and 24V DC DC motors. LON modules can be combined with any extension module of the same union.

Class A lighting

Up to 2 multisensors for presence detection and brightness measurement can be connected to the modules of the D series. Due to the integrated constant light control, the dimming modules meet all functional requirements for GA efficiency class A according to DIN EN 15232.


  • Efficiency class A according to DIN EN 15232 due to multi-sensor and integrated constant light controller
  • can be combined with extension modules of the same union
  • low space requirement
  • quick and easy installation
  • proven gesis connector system from Wieland Electric