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Competence in room automation

Competence in room automation

Since 2000 we at spega have been pushing the further development of room automation. We were one of the pioneers in this field and were the first to recognise the great importance for the energy efficiency and economy of commercial buildings. Our room automation system e.control, which today is the most comprehensive and functional system of its kind, was born out of this knowledge.

Clear guidelines

spega retains market responsibility for building automation solutions in German-speaking countries. This means that we at spega will continue to be committed to the development and sales guidelines, to which we are committed.
we owe our position today:

  • Clear orientation towards customer benefit
  • Maximum functionality with simple commissioning
  • Consistent use of open technologies
  • Active co-design of normative and technical standards
  • Clear market positioning and fair partnership

More than just hardware

For our product management, customer benefit is our top priority, i.e. Our products must improve the sustainability of buildings – ecologically, economically and functionally. Although e.control provides a large number of complex automation functions in the devices, commissioning and operation should be as simple as possible. This is why many man-years of development have flowed into the modular hardware and software concept and into powerful commissioning tools. In order to protect our customers’ investments, we consciously rely only on open standards from building automation and the IT environment. The result: e.control seamlessly and uniquely combines the best-in-class technologies BACnet, LON, DALI, SMI, MP-Bus and EnOcean into one system.

Partnership at the centre

Our market positioning is as consistent as our development. Our sales team, consisting of experts with many years of experience in electrical engineering and building automation, together with the technical support, looks after our system partner network. In addition, we would like to inform building owners and investors about the sustainability and cost advantages of room automation and be a competent contact for specialist planners. In this cooperation with our direct and indirect customers, which is based on a long-term approach and fairness, we see the key to a successful future.