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Room management and project planning of LON networks

e.control Designer - graphic room management

The e.control Designer makes changes in the use of space child’s play. On its graphical user interface, room floor plans are simply created, changed or moved with the mouse. The software then automatically makes the corresponding changes in the automation system. Since, in addition to the flexible adaptation of the room allocation, the maintenance of the field devices also takes place via the floor plan-oriented interface, Facility Management has a powerful tool at its disposal in the form of e.control Designer.

Access to the field level

All communicative devices at the field level, whether equipped with DALI, SMI, MP-Bus or EnOcean interfaces, are just a mouse click away from the user interface. They can be parameterized, tested or replaced directly from the e.control Designer. Even malfunctions, e.g. failed illuminants, can be identified on the surface. Since the work steps are the same despite different protocols, access is transparent and uniform for the operator.

Extensive functions

The e.control Designer has an extensive function library with all VDI 3813 room automation functions, which allows the creation of a function macro for each room type. This allows even the most demanding buildings with maximum energy efficiency, such as the ThyssenKrupp headquarters, to be graphically created and easily operated.

BACnet fully automatic

e.control Designer also considers the data transfer to the management level. The tool also manages all e.control floor controllers and automatically groups all data points room by room as BACnet objects. In this way, adjustments in the management software are avoided when rooms are changed or the creation of new rooms or the deletion of former rooms is reduced.


  • Extensive function library, compliant with VDI 3813
  • Room changes are made graphically on the floor plan of the building
  • Access to all communicative field devices via the user interface
  • Display of device statuses and faults
  • Automatic assignment of BACnet objects to e.control floor controllers

ALEX 4 Project planning software

ALEX 4 is a software tool for professional project planning of LON networks. It can be run as a local LNS application, as a client over the LAN (lightweight) or as a client over the LON network (fullweight), whereby several ALEX 4 can be used in parallel. Integrated is a data point browser for displaying and changing network variables and configuration parameters, as well as a product database for managing LON devices and their application software. In addition, there is a device manager for fast acquisition, loading and management of several LON devices.