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Room control

Universal room controllers with highest energy efficiency

Indoor climate in Class A

e.control room controllers are first class when it comes to the indoor climate, because they meet all heating, cooling and air conditioning requirements of GA efficiency class A in accordance with DIN EN 15232. The integrated controller supports all combinations of heating and cooling devices such as radiators, heating/cooling ceilings, fan convectors, facade ventilation devices and VVR systems as well as air quality control. Furthermore, it has a self-learning start optimization, a summer and winter compensation and an integrated determination of the dew point temperature with the help of an additional humidity sensor.

The clima DL-110

The clima DL-110 is a universal room controller that has all the connections for maximum energy efficiency. Wall modules with integrated temperature and humidity sensor (optional) as well as with or without LC display and a multisensor can be connected directly. At inputs, the controller provides a second temperature input and an analog input, e.g. for air quality sensors. On the output side, thermal, motor or continuous actuators, a three-stage fan as well as an additional electrical consumer, e.g. a reheating register, can be connected.

The proven installation controllers

The series of e.control room controllers also includes the proven installation controllers clima RCM/RO-CC and clima RCM-/RO-FC. As wall-mounted devices, they fit into a deep flush-mounted or hollow wall box and have digital inputs and analog actuator outputs. The FC variants are intended to connect an external fan coil box, which is mounted near the fan convector and takes over its control.


  • Room controllers meet efficiency class A according to DIN EN 15232
  • One for everything: clima DL-110 is suitable as a universal room controller for all systems
  • Always fits: clima RCM and RO fit seamlessly into current switch designs
  • Integrated humidity sensors enable optimized control of cooling ceilings