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Best-in-class as principle

The best technologies in the right places

Only the best is good enough

That’s also true for the e.control room automation system. This includes the optimum integration of field devices and connection to other building automation equipment, such as management or automation stations, using suitable communications protocols. e.control is specifically designed to use the best technologies in the right places, that is, best-in-class as a design principle. It makes integration so seamless that transparent access down into the field level is consistently provided.


  • All open protocols are supported and seamlessly integrated
  • Automatic room-by-room sorting of all BACnet objects
  • Use of the OpenLNS engineering database for all protocols
  • Status and error detection for all communicating field devices

e.control combines best-in-class technologies into one system

  • BACnet for integration into the management level
  • LON for the automation level
  • DALI, SMI, MP-Bus and EnOcean for intelligent field devices


As a protocol between the management and the automation levels, BACnet/IP can now be considered a standard. So e.control has BACnet floor servers that automatically group all necessary data and management objects (such as time programs or trends) and provide them by room. That makes the integration of e.control into the management level child’s play.


LON is the most powerful technology for large control networks with many hundreds or even thousands of devices, such as for room automation. With its high performance, the unique concept of functional software objects and a unified engineering database, LON represents the ideal integration platform even for the most complex automation tasks in the e.control system.


DALI is the standard for the control of lighting. The advantage, aside from the option of variable group assignment, is also the provision of error responses if a light or ballast should fail. e.control DALI actuators can each control up to 128 lamps in up to 32 groups.


SMI is the counterpart of DALI in sunblind technology. Here, too, groups and error detection are supported. The drives can also be positioned with absolute accuracy and are nearly inaudibly quiet in alternating operation, which makes them a natural for energy-efficient slat tracking control. The e.control SMI actuators, available in 230V or 24V variants, can control up to 32 drives with free group assignment.


EnOcean is the no-battery radio standard in building technology. e.control offers an extensive operating and sensor line in the EnOcean technology. e.control EnOcean receivers are equipped with the same functional scope as wired system units, so there are no penalties in terms of energy efficiency or flexibility.


MP-Bus controls positioning drives for ventilation and air conditioning technology. In addition to the actual position
responses, each drive also provides an error status and optionally the measured value of a connected sensor. The e.control MP-Bus actuators can control up to 16 drives and return values from 16 connected sensors to the network.