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ombra W1-R

Rain sensor for ombra W2


The precipitation sensor ombra W1-R is used to detect precipitation. The signal is further processed e.g. for safety devices to protect hangings (e.g. blinds or awnings).

The ombra W1-R is suitable for operation with the ombra W2 weather station or any binary input for potential-free contacts (e.g. lumina B8 or T8).


Precipitation that wets the sensor surface changes the electrical capacitance. A wetted sensor surface means “precipitation”.

To avoid condensation or icing of the sensor, it is heated to the ambient temperature + 2K.

If the sensor surface is wetted, it is heated to ambient temperature + approx. 10K. This results in faster drying.

Technical Data

Power supply 24V DC, max. 750mA
Measurement signal Binary, floating contact
Metrics (HxWxD) 49 x 77 x 25mm
Mounting Pole- or wall-mounting

Ordering Information

Order No. 410 202