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ombra W2

LON compact weather sensor


The ombra W2 weather station records outdoor brightness and outdoor temperature. The function of the weather station can be extended with the wind sensor ombra W1-Wh or alternatively the rain sensor ombra W1-R. The ombra W2 weather station can be used several times in a building to detect several differently oriented facade sections.

The measured values determined are made available to all connected devices for further processing via the LONWORKS® network.

In addition, the device contains controllers for weather protection which, depending on wind, rain and outside temperature, ensure that blinds are moved into the protection position in the event of storm or frost.

4 anti-glare controllers move the blinds in groups to a defined anti-glare position in strong sunlight. The activation and deactivation delays and the lux value can be parameterised.

A convenient LNS plug-in is available for configuration.

Technical Data

Network Type TP/FT-10 (FTT10)
Power supply Voltage 24V DC, max. 20mA
Metrics (HxWxD) 93 x 72 x 57mm
Mounting Pole- or wall-mounting

Ordering Information

Order No. 411 202