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ombra BST

LON Slat tracking controller


The device ombra BST is a LON automat for sun position dependent tracking of blind slats. A maximum of 15 facade segments can be – depending on the direction or height of the building – can be controlled independently.

The automatic slat automat can be used with all spega e.control blind actuators. A brightness sensor (e.g. ombra W2) is required on each side of the facade to activate the glare protection.

The automatic system determines the position of the sun (azimuth and elevation) for each facade segment depending on the time of day and adjusts the length and angle of the blinds in an adjustable cycle as long as the external brightness exceeds the limit value for the glare protection. In this way, the automatic system ensures maximum daylight without causing glare.

The automatic system can be activated or deactivated by the operator, either manually or by a timer. User access can still be restricted by password.

A powerful plug-in is available for the device.

Specialist knowledge of LonWorks® technology is required for project planning, design and commissioning of the device.

Technical Data

Network Type TP/FT-10 (FTT10)
Power supply 24V DC, max. 80mA
Equipment – Display 4×16 characters, backlit
– Real-time clock, battery backed
– 3 LEDs (red, yellow, green)
Metrics (HxWxD) 125 x 125 x 40mm
Mounting Includes box for cavity wall or flush-mounting or mounting in switchboard front door

Ordering Information

Order No. 341 298