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lumina ST4(-b)

Control output 4 x 1-10V


The lumina ST4 control output is designed for connection to spega M/R series LON controller.

The actuator has four analog and relay outputs each and independently controls devices with a 1-10V interface (dimmable electronic control gears, electronic transformers etc.). The maximum current load of the analog outputs is 40mA. The relays have a switching capacity of 10A.

The control output can be operated in conjunction with other e.control actuators for lighting or sunblinds together on one controller.

In the ST4-b version, the actuator has a manual control level, allowing the device to be switched on or off independently of the bus, as well as LEDs for indicating the output state.

For configuration purposes, an easy LNS plug-in is available for the controller.

Technical Data

Supply voltage via controller
Current consumption (max.) 160mA
Metrics (HxWxD) 85(45) x 70 x 60mm
Actuator functions Light actuator
Application functions Priority control
Room utilisation control
(Stairwell) Light control

Ordering Information

Product Description Order No.
lumina ST4 1-10V control outputs for 4 channels 120 144
lumina ST4-b same as lumina ST4, but with additional manual control option 120 145