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e.control Designer

Graphical room management software


e.control Designer is a graphical commissioning and management tool for integrating e.control room automation networks. The extensive function library (compliant with VDI 3813) ensures the implementation of the required room functions. Room changes or functional changes can be done graphically on a building floor plan.

Technical Data

Consisting of e.control Designer
Open LNS server
System requirements Windows 8, 7, XP, 2000
USB port for license dongle
LON network interface for LON TP/FT-10 segment
LAN port (10/100 Base-T) for LON/IP or remote access to LNS server

Ordering Information

Product Description Order No.
e.control Designer 250* for max. 250 LON devices 092 025
e.control Designer 500* for max. 500 LON devices 092 050
e.control Designer 1000* for max. 1000 LON devices 092 100
e.control Designer 1500* for max. 1500 LON devices 092 150
e.control Designer 2000* for max. 2000 LON devices 092 200

larger license available on request

* includes license for the specified number of control devices with LON interface