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clima DMS-20



The multi sensor is a combination of occupancy sensor, light sensor and infrared remote control receiver.

The multi sensor transmits the telegrams of the infrared remote control dialog DRC-10 directly to the room controller clima DL-110 or a D-series device.

The light sensor provides the basis of automatic lighting functions, such as constant light control or daylight switching.

With the optional infrared remote control dialog DRC-10 you can control lights, blinds and scenes. Additionally you can adjust the temperature setpoint and the fan speed.

Technical Data

Connection via separate RJ9 cable
Optical detection (height 3m) sedentary Ø 4.0m walking Ø 6.0m
Metrics (Ø x D)
43 x 56mm
fitting dimensions: 35 x 43mm

Ordering Information

Colour Order No.
pure white 934 120 W