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possible applications

Efficient application in office buildings, fixed rooms and hotel rooms

Application in flexible office buildings

The architecture of modern office buildings is characterised by axial grid floor plans, which allow flexible fixing of the walls. The rooms should also be changeable during the usage phase without interfering with the cabling of the room automation system.

Device overview for an axially flexible office building: the left surface forms a room.

The solution

e.control system distributors with devices of the M series are suitable for flexibly integrating field devices installed by segment, such as luminaires, blinds and heating/cooling ceilings, into the automation system. Each room is additionally equipped with a lumina MS4/RC radio multisensor, which not only integrates the radio sensors and push-buttons but also controls all the trades. In addition, the web server dialog Web can be used for operation at the workstation.


  • Cost-effective integration of all trades through system distributors of the M series
  • Room changes without rewiring by radio sensors
  • dialog Web is ideal for use in open-plan offices
  • Graphical creation and operation with e.control Designer
  • GA efficiency class A is achieved

Application in fixed rooms

In buildings with fixed floor plans, the installation is often planned and awarded in a trade-oriented manner. The installation of the room climate control and the control of lighting and sun protection are carried out separately.

Device overview for a building with fixed floor plans: Light and solar shading are installed separately from the room climate control system. A common integration guarantees the full range of functions.

The solution

Der universelle Raumregler clima DL-110 wird zur Raumklimatisierung eingesetzt. Equipped with multi-sensor and IR remote control, it also provides sensor data and operating requirements for light and sun protection. On the other hand, the R-series actuators are controlled, which are classically incorporated into the sub-distribution. Due to the high functional integration, no functional requirement remains unfulfilled.


  • Trade-oriented planning and award ingesis possible
  • High range of functions thanks to seamless integration of different trades
  • GA efficiency class A is achieved

Application in hotel rooms

For the efficient handling of energy, the heating and cooling operation of hotel rooms is adapted to the room occupancy and window position. While for new buildings a fixed installation is preferred, the renovation solution follows the approach of using only minimal installation times in order not to restrict the availability of the room.

In the new building clima DL-110 forms the heart of a hotel room with wall module, hotel card button and contactor for delayed light switch-off.

For refurbishments clima DL-110 does without wired components and instead receives all information by radio via dialog RC-E.

The solution

The demand-oriented control of the fan convector is carried out by the universal room controller clima DL-110, which is equipped with a wall control unit and a hotel card holder and connected to the hotel booking software via the LON network. While wired devices are connected directly to the controller in new buildings, wireless sensors are suitable for renovations, whose receivers in the corridor forward the telegrams to the corresponding room controllers via the LON network. Via the separate switching contact of the clima DL-110, a contactor can also be operated which switches the lighting off after a time delay after the hotel card has been removed and switches it on again when the card is inserted again.


  • Energy-efficient operation of the heating/cooling system
  • Cost-effective installation with only one device in a new building
  • Avoidance of cabling work in the room when renovating
  • Integration into the hotel booking system possible