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multi-sensor technology

Flexible and energy-efficient presence detection

RC Series - wireless freedom without batteries

Modern office environments rely on flexible adaptability of room design. This variability is perfectly supported by the battery-free sensors of the e.control system. The room temperature and humidity sensors with or without setpoint adjuster as well as the buttons for operating the lighting or sun protection can be mounted on any smooth surface – by gluing or screwing. A built-in socket is not required. Window handles with radio transmitter can simply be mounted instead of the previous handles. Thanks to the use of innovative EnOcean technology, the wireless sensors require neither batteries nor an external supply connection.

design freedom

The 55 mm standard size of the radio sensors from the RC series allows the combination with the well-known switch designs of Berker, Gira, Jung or Merten. Thus, operation via radio can also be seamlessly integrated into the interior design.

Receiver dialog RC-E

dialog RC-E is a receiver for a maximum of 32 wireless sensors that converts the wireless signals into LON telegrams and makes them available in the network. Its movable antenna gives it great freedom of installation and even placement outside the optimum reception range, e.g. in suspended ceilings, is no problem thanks to the magnetic base antenna.

Multisensor-Lumina MS4/RC

lumina MS4/RC represents a completely new way of integrating wireless sensors. Mounted on the ceiling, it not only receives radio telegrams but also has the same innovative presence and brightness measurement system as its little brother, the lumina MS4. Since it thus has all the sensor data for a room, the multisensor is a complete room controller that not only controls the room temperature but also provides support in the form of sun protection and constant light control. In addition to the additional constant light controller, the multisensor has all LonMark functional objects that are also used in the universal room control units and thus fulfils all requirements of GA efficiency class A according to DIN EN 15232 in one device.

Ideal for flexible offices: lumina MS4/RC receives the wireless sensors of its room

Ideal for large areas: dialog RC-E processes up to 32 wireless sensors


  • Batteryless EnOcean technology creates flexibility
  • Control units and sensors suitable for all switch designs
  • Radio receiver with optional magnetic base antenna for difficult installation conditions
  • Multisensor with integrated radio receiver as complete room controller for HVAC, lighting and sun protection

lumina MS4 - Multisensor consistently further developed

The multisensor lumina MS4 is the most important “sensory organ” of an energy-efficient building. Via its sensors, it records the current room parameters, which form the basis of demand-oriented control. Since the quality of the automation ultimately depends on the quality of the multisensor, spega has consistently continued to think ahead with the development of the new lumina MS4.

Adaptive presence detection

The large lens with computer-optimized segmentation in conjunction with the highly sensitive PIR sensor and digital signal processing ensures that even the smallest movements of seated persons are reliably detected. An automatic follow-up time adaptation additionally increases energy efficiency, as short dwell times lead to a quicker return to standby mode. For large rooms, the detection zone can also be increased by connecting additional lumina PM presence detectors.

Variable brightness measurement

The lumina MS4 multisensor has two sensors for brightness measurement to meet a wide range of requirements. Spot metering at an angle of 30° is ideal for correctly illuminating a workstation. The second sensor measures the integral room brightness as the sum of the incident light on the lens and is thus suitable for uniform illumination of traffic or recreation rooms. Since the results of both sensors can even be mixed on the software side in the form of an infinitely variable fader, the multisensor is optimally prepared for any room situation.

The artificial light correction, which can be learned via the software assistant, also eliminates the frequently occurring problem of falsified measurement results caused by the luminaires themselves. For example, the indirect light component of suspended luminaires can be corrected in this way.

Spot metering for workstations

Integral measurement for general areas

room temperature measurement

Since the lumina MS4 multisensor has a connection for a room temperature sensor (e.g. as a recessed ceiling or pendulum sensor), its integrated controller can even control the room temperature for all heating and cooling systems.


  • High-resolution presence detection with follow-up time adaptation
  • Extension of the detection range by connecting presence detectors
  • Perfect constant light control thanks to two brightness sensors and artificial light correction
  • Complete room climate controller with temperature sensor connection and integrated controller
  • Matching infrared remote control with LC display