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automatic weather control

Efficient measurement of wind speed, precipitation, brightness, temperature and humidity

Precise spring sensors

The e.control spring sensors provide the necessary weather data. In addition to the ombra WS12 central weather station with the option of connecting up to 12 sensors, e.control also offers ombra W2, a decentralized spring sensor that is mounted directly on the facade.

Optimised sun protection

ombra BST combines the various requirements of sun protection in an ideal way. The automatic slat angle control ensures glare-free working with maximum use of daylight at the same time. Since it calculates the exact position of the sun and detects its intensity via external brightness sensors, it cyclically and precisely adjusts the blind position to the situation. This ensures that every room receives the maximum amount of daylight – while, of course, maintaining the required glare protection.

shading correction

In conjunction with the ombra BST automatic slat angle control, all e.control blind actuators are equipped to take account of shading caused by surrounding buildings. Only those blinds that actually lie in the sun, taking into account the shadow cast on the façade, are tracked to the position of the sun, while the blinds of the shaded windows can be set to maximum transparency.

Simple system integration

What seems to be highly complex is easy to put into operation: The plug-ins for parameterising all automatic and protective functions, including slat tracking and shading correction, do not require any special knowledge and can even be adapted by Facility Management during operation.


  • Optimized daylight supply
  • Reliable protection against glare
  • Less heating of the rooms
  • Reliable protection against weather-related damage
  • Sun position-dependent slat tracking and shading correction without external computer