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sistema RC2

LON Application controller


The sistema RC2 is a general purpose controller. Through various applications, the functionality within a LONWORKS ® network can thus be expanded as desired.

With its compact design allows the application controller to any location within the sub-distribution install.

The specific application is obtained by selecting the appropriate application. The available applications are shown in the following list. The details of the applications can be found in the corresponding software descriptions.

Designation Applikation
Multiple Room Controller SC 131 020 RC
Logic module SC 131 020 LG
Constant Light Controller SC 131 020 CL
Floor hub SC 131 020 FL
Sunblind Controller and Level Switch SC 131 020 SL
Partition Wall Controller SC 131 020 PW

Other applications on request. spega continues to provide you with the programming project-specific applications. Ask us!

Technical Data

Network TP/FT-10 (FTT10)
Power supply 24V DC, max. 40mA
Metrics (HxWxD) 85(45) x 35 x 60mm
Mounting DIN rail mounting
Available applications
131020FL: Floor hub for segmentation of central functions
131020PW: Partition wall controller
131020LG: logic controller
131020RC: 4 temperature controllers with thermal control

Ordering Information

Order No. 131 020