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sistema LPFT-UP



The adapter sistema LPFT-UP connects LON-FT devices requiring 24VDC supply to a Link Power network.
The adapter is connected to the Pink Power segment on the primary side. On the secondary side, the adapter supplies 24VDC for power supply and an FT connection. With its small dimensions, the adapter also fits into a flush mount box.

The adapter enables the connection of room control units that are to replace previously installed Link Power control units. It can also be used for conversions and extensions of corresponding link power segments. It is therefore ideally suited for the economic implementation of modernisation projects and for continuous maintenance.

Technical Data

Power Supply 41,5V DC (Link Power)
Consumption (typ.) 50mA (2,1W)
Metrics 20 x 20 x 20 (H x W x D)
Mounting flush-mounted

Ordering Information

Product Description Order No.
sistema LPFT-UP LON adapter for Link Power to 24VDC + FT 200 012