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sistema LGATE952

BACnet Floor controller


The floor controller sistema LGATE952 provides all relevant data points of the room automation grouped room by room as BACnet objects for the connection of a management system. The compatibility with other components ensures certification as a BACnet Building Controller (B-BC). All BACnet functions of the AMEV profile AS-A are fulfilled.

The easiest possible access to the data points is ensured by clear names and descriptions and by a unique assignment of the BACnet instance numbers.

Preconfigured programs are available for up to 60 rooms with lighting, sun protection and room temperature control. In addition, there are timer programs for energy level switching and presence control as well as data points for central functions and transfer to the system technology, e.g. for optimising the flow temperature or a ventilation system.

For each room the following data are available as BACnet data point:

  • Sensor readings:
    • Room temperature
    • Relative air humidity
    • Air quality
    • Dew point temperature
    • Workplace brightness
    • Presence
  • Setpoint and operating specifications:
    • Setpoints for room temperature control
    • Reference value for air quality control
    • Setpoint for constant light control
    • Controller function
  • Room climate controller states
    • Control values of the room temperature control
    • Effective energy level
    • Effective controller setpoint
    • Interruption of cooling due to condensation
    • Heating/cooling interruption due to window opening
  • Operation of lighting and sun protection equipment
  • Calling scenes

The following BACnet objects are available for central functions:

  • Timer programs for room use (energy level)
  • Timer program for building use (basic energy level)
  • Central control for lighting devices
  • Central control for sun protection devices

The device allows a connection to a LON network via LON/IP-852 or TP/FT-10. The connection to a BACnet network is possible via BACnet/IP or BACnet MS/TP.

Technical Data

Network Port 1 10/100 Base-T
Port 2 10/100 Base-T
Port 3 TP/FT-10 (FTT10)
Resources BACnet objects 1000
BACnet trend logs 512
BACnet not. class obj. 32
LON network var. 2000
Schedulers 100
Power supply
9-35V DC, 12-24V AC 50/60Hz
max. 200mA@24V
Metrics (HxWxD) 90(45) x 157 x 60mm
Mounting DIN rail mounting

Ordering Information

Order No. 133 950