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ombra W7-C

Combined weather sensor


The combined weather sensor ombra W7-C is designed to measure meteorological parameters.

The following parameters can be measured with the ombra W7-C:

  • Wind speed,
  • precipitation (yes/no),
  • brightness in Eastern, Southern and Western direction, twilight,
  • temperature and
  • relative air humidity.

The signal processing can be easily done by the spega LON sensor unit ombra WS8.

A mounting bracket serves for the mounting on masts or plane surfaces – depending on the range of application.

Technical Data

Power supply 24V AC/DC, max. 650mA
Metering range/accuarcy wind: 1…40m/s / 0,5m/s
rain: yes/no
brightness: 0…150kLx / 3%
twilight: 0…250Lx / 5%
temperature: -20…60°C / 0,5°C
humidity: 0…100% (rel.) / 3%
Metrics (HxØ) 430 x 130 mm
Mounting Pole- or wall-mounting

Ordering Information

Order No. 410 207