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ombra RBA4-SMI(-b) (LoVo)

LON SMI Sunblind actuator 4 ports


  • Module for accurate positioning of max. 16 SMI sunblind motors (230V or 24V for LoVo) in 4 user-defined groups
  • Monitoring of motor status
  • Appropriate to slat tracking and shadow correction control due to accurate positioning control (<2°)
  • Parameterisable power-on and protection behaviour as well as scene memory for each port
  • combines sistema MC and ombra BA4-SMI(-b) (LoVo)

Technical Data

Network TP/FT-10 (FTT10)
Power supply Voltage: 24V DC, max. 50mA
Mains: 230V AC max. 1.5W
Ports 4 SMI (broadcast), max. 16 motors
Metrics (HxWxD) 85(45) x 105 x 60mm (DIN rail)

Ordering Information

Product Description Order No.
ombra RBA4-SMI without hand operation 121 254
ombra RBA4-SMI-b with hand operation 121 255
ombra RBA4-SMI LoVo without hand operation 121 264
ombra RBA4-SMI LoVo-b with hand operation 121 265