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lumina RDA4-UN

LON Universal dimmer 4 x 570W


The universal dimmer lumina RDA4-UN provides four dimming channels with a capacity of up to 570 VA (per). Due to the automatic load recognition, the outputs for resistive loads such as LED-retrofits lamps, incandescent lamps or high-voltage halogen lamps, and for dimmable wound transformers or electronic, e.g. suitable for low-voltage halogen lamps.

Moreover, there is the possibility to switch two channels together to dim two loads of up to 1140 VA.

The fade ramps and on / off – delay of each channel can be configured by software. The dimmer also has a staircase lighting function with switch at which the luminous intensity is halved.

The software application has a scene memory with up to 12 scenes per channel and two constant light controls for brightness and presence-dependent lighting control.

For configuration is a convenient LNS plug-in available.

Technical Data

Network TP/FT-10 (FTT10)
Power supply 24V AC/DC, max. 40mA
Load 4 x 10… 570VA or
2 x 10…1140VA
resistive, inductive or capacitive load
with auto-detection
Metrics (HxWxD) 90 x 210 x 50mm
Mounting DIN rail mounting

Ordering Information

Order No. 121 154