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lumina MS4-EB

LON Multisensor for suspended ceilings


The LON multisensor lumina MS4 is a combination of occupancy sensor, two light sensors and infrared remote control receiver. An external temperature sensor can be connected.

The sensitive 4-element-PIR sensor technology for occupancy detection guarantees reliable detection of occupants even when they are seated. Therefore lumina MS4 is ideally suited for occupancy related control functions within LON networks.

The light sensors provide the basis of automatic lighting functions, such as constant light control or daylight switching. One light sensor measures the global room brightness whereas the second light sensor measures the brightness directly beneath the multisensor (spot measurement).
Lights or blinds can be operated and scenes can be selected by means of the optional IR remote control. Additionally, a fan stage can be selected manually.

Optional external temperature sensors for ceiling mounting or pendular temperature sensors can be connected.

Alternatively presence detectors of type lumina PM(-EB/-AP) can be connected for expanding the presence detection range.

The multisensor is available in two versions. The EB version is suitable for installation in suspended ceilings, ceiling sails or recessed junction boxes. The AP version allows surface mounting.

For configuration purposes, comfortable LNS plug-ins are available.

Technical Data

Network TP/FT-10 (FTT10)
Power supply 24V AC/DC, max. 65mA
Optical detection (height 3m) sedentary Ø 6.0m
walking Ø 12.0m
Metrics (ØxD) 83 x 65mm
Fitting dimensions (ØxD) 68 x 45mm

Ordering Information

Colour Order No.
pure white 911 113 W

Other colours available on request.