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lumina DAL16

DALI Controller 16 groups


The LON DALI-Controller lumina DAL16 is designed for connection to up to 64 DALI-electronic ballasts in max. 16 groups, lumina DAL8 can control 8 groups, lumina DAL4 controls 4 groups. The DALI-devices can be supplied via the internal power supply or via an external DALI power supply.

The controller can be tested and controlled via front-panel switches without prior software configuration. This feature makes it possible to switch on or off all devices manually right after having connected them.

All set-up and maintenance functions (e.g. group definition, test or replacement) can be done via the build-in serial interface or via the LON-network by a LNS-Plug-in. A software tool for Windows-PCs and Windows Mobile-PDAs is available for this purpose.

The software application includes light actuator objects according to LONMARK™ profile „Lamp Actuator (3040)“. All light channels can be configured with adjustable ON/OFF switching delay or stairway lighting functions. Each lamp group has its own scene memory. In the optional selectable stairway light functionality is an integrated turn-off pre-warning implemented. Due to a priority interpretation central commands can override local commands.

A failure of illuminants or DALI-devices is detected by the software and is signalled via the LON-network.

A comfortable LNS-Plug-in and a commissioning software tool (using the serial interface) for Windows 2000/XP/Vista or Mobile 5.0 are available.

Technical Data

Supply voltage via controller
Current consumption (max.) 200mA
Metrics (HxWxD) 85(45) x 70 x 60mm
Actuator functions Light actuator
Application functions Priority control
Room utilisation control
(Stairwell) Light control

Ordering Information

Description Order No.
DALI Controller for control and supply of 64 DALI devices in 16 groups 120 166