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OPC Data server


IPLONGATE is a software gateway for LON networks. It serves as a high-performance connection of visualisation systems to a LON network based on (Open)LNS or IzoT. IPLONGATE primarily fulfils the requirements of major building automation systems with complex network architecture and provides OPC as a standardised interface for this.
In addition a web server is also integrated in IPLONGATE. This web server enables the connection to your LON network via a simple web browser, such as, for example, Microsoft®’s Internet Explorer.


  • Executable on one or more remote PCs via TCP/IP
  • OPC®-Server (DA 1.0, 2.05A and 3.0)
  • Integrated web server
  • LNS, OpenLNS, IzoT Net Client (Local, Full or Lightweight)
  • Fast start behavior
  • Online configuration and monitoring
  • Access to network variables, structured elements and configuration properties
  • Up to 5,000 LonWorks® devices and 11,900 network variables per IPLONGATE instance
  • IPLONGATE supports up to 20 LNS™ databases on one PC
  • IPLONGATE can be started with several instances on a LNS™ database
  • Supports bound monitoring via LNS monitor points and sets
  • Runs with LNS™ server from version 3.0
  • Start as Windows service possible

Software Architecture

IPLONGATE is designed to be fully LNS compat-ible and communicates with the system components on the LON network via the LNS server. The LNS versions from 3.0 are currently supported.

For this IPLONGATE uses exclusively the interfaces of the LNS server.

As a sole LNS client, IPLONGATE offers a choice of three possible applications:

  • as local LNS client, i.e. IPLONGATE is located on the same PC as the LNS data base.
  • as Lightweight client, i.e. IPLONGATE is located on another PC and communicates via the Ethernet with the LON devices in the network via the LNS server.
  • as Full client, i.e. IPLONGATE is also located on another PC and communicates via the LON connection on the one hand with the LNS server and on the other directly with the LON devices.

Start as Windows Service

IPLONGATE can be configured to run as a Windows service so that IPLONGATE is started before user login. An additional software product with costs is required (see up to date manual).

Example Applications

In the following illustrations the most varied use scenarios are briefly described, underlining IPLONGATE’s enormous capability.

Thanks to the possibility of also using IPLONGATE as an LNS remote client there are a great many different use scenarios, all of which cannot be described here.

IPLONGATE in a single PC Configuration

The single PC configuration represents the most common use scenario. IPLONGATE, the LNS server and, therefore, the LNS database, together with the visualisation system, are located on the same PC.

IPLONGATE in a Network Configuration

In this example IPLONGATE is located as a local LNS client on the same PC as the LNS database and several visualisation system PCs access the LON network via the Ethernet using OPC (DCOM).

IPLONGATE as Web Server

In this example IPLONGATE is additionally used as web server.

IPLONGATE Remote in a Network Configuration

Here IPLONGATE is located as a Full client, or also as a Lightweight client, on the PCs, on which the visualisation systems are also located.


Different versions are available dependent on the number of connected data points:

  • IPLONGATE Premium: For medium to large networks. There is no limitation in the number of network variables of configuration properties.
  • IPLONGATE Professional: For small to medium networks. The number of network variables or configuration properties is limited to 600.
  • IPLONGATE Standard: Für small networks. The number of network variables or configuration properties is limited to 150.

To obtain a fully licensed version of IPLONGATE you need an IPLONGATE USB dongle.

Trial Version

A trial version is available for download at The functionality of the trial version is the same as IPLONGATE Premium and there is no limitation of the number of network variables or configuration properties. Using the trial version IPLONGATE automatically shuts down after 8 hours.

Technical Data

Consisting of IPLONGATE OPC server
System requirements Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2000
LNS server
USB port for license dongle
LON network interface for LON TP/FT-10 segment
LAN port (10/100 Base-T) for LON/IP or remote access to LNS server

Ordering Information

Product Description Order No.
IPLONGATE open For maximum numbers of NV’s * 094 032
IPLONGATE 150 Number of NV ‘limited to 150 ** 094 042
IPLONGATE 600 Number of NV ‘limited to 600 ** 094 052

* Also available with Open LNS server on request.
** Such as IPLONGATE open, but limited to 150 respectively 600 LON network variables (can be upgraded).