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dialog RC-TS-rH

Wireless room temperature and humidity sensor with setpoint adjuster


The wireless room temperature sensor dialog RC-T transmits periodically without the use of batteries every 1000s the measured temperature. Significant changes in the measured values triggers the transmission of values within 100s. Additionally the rH models have an integrated relative humidity sensor.

The device is supplied with energy by a solar cell as long it is illuminated with at least 200lx for 3 to 4h a day.

The wireless room control device dialog RC-TS also transmits the value of a local set-point-adjusters.

Three colors are available and the devices fit the following 55mm x 55mm standard designs:

PEHA: Aura
BERKER: S1, B1, B3, B7, Glass
GIRA: Standard55, E2, Event, Esprit
JUNG: A500, Aplus
MERTEN: M-Smart, M-Arc, M-Plan

Technical Data

Radio frequency 868.3 MHz (EnOcean)
Technology battery-free, photovoltaic (>200lx@3h)
Range max. 30m inside
Metrics (HxWxD) 71 x 71 x 20mm
Mounting adhere or screw on all plane surfaces

Ordering Information

Description Colour Order No.
Setpoint pure white glossy 442 521 GW
Setp./presence pure white glossy 442 522 GW

Other colours available on request.