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clima RCM-CC

LON room climate controller with 6 DI / 2 AO 0-10V


The clima RCM-CC is a room control panel with an integrated temperature sensor for measuring the room temperature. Additionally the rH models have an integrated relative humidity sensor. The device is featured with a turn wheel to adjust the set point and up to two push buttons including LEDs for presence status and fan speed control.

The room control panel has 6 digital inputs to connect light-, blind-, presence- switches, window contacts or due point sensors. Additionally two analogue outputs (0-10 V) are available to control valve actuators for radiators or heating- /cooling-ceilings.

Unit comes with jumper ring for mounting on cavity wall sockets or flush mounting sockets according to DIN VDE 0606. The front panel is designed for a standard 55 mm spacing and suits perfectly to the corresponding switch ranges from manufactures like Berker, Gira, Jung and Merten. For this reason the clima RCM offers the architect the complete freedom of choice in finding the suitable switch range design.

An easy LNS-Plug-In for a comfortable configuration is available.

clima RCM-CC without push-button

clima RCM-CC with presence- push-button

(All Pictures show clima RCM together with 55 mm frame. The frame is not included in the purchased parts package.)

Technical Data

Network TP/FT-10 (FTT10)
Power supply 24V AC/DC, max. 60mA
Outputs 0-10V, max. 5 mA each
Metrics (HxWxD) 70 x 70 x 49mm
Mounting in cavity wall or flush mounting sockets

Ordering Information

Description Colour Order No.
without buttons pure white 231 342 W
pure white glossy 231 342 GW
aluminium 231 342 A
Presence pure white 231 343 W
pure white glossy 231 343 GW
aluminium 231 343 A

Other colours available on request.