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clima BSK8-E

LON Fire damper position indicator


The modules clima BSK8-E and clima BSK8-E230 are used as binary inputs to monitor the position of up to 8 fire dampers or smoke dampers. The difference between both types of modules is the type of power supply. The module clima BSK8-E is supplied with 24V AC or DC, the module clima BSK8-E230 is mains-operated (230V AC).

Both modules support a monitoring of 8 potential-free end-position switches. LED indicators provide a status information about the actual status of the end-position switches and therefore the damper position.

The application provides for each connected damper a functional block according to LonMark™ profile „FireSmokeDamperActuator“ (#11001_10). The current damper position is transferred via the LON-network. The application provides detailed alarm messages regarding triggered fire alarms of damper malfunction. Those messages can be signalled to a building management system via the LON network.

Technical Data

Network TP/FT-10 (FTT10)
Power supply 24V AC/DC, max. 65mA
Metrics (HxWxD) 63 x 254 x 180mm
Application SC411408EC         8 fire & smoke damper actuators

Ordering Information

Order No. 411 408