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clima A24-T

Thermoelectric actuator


The actuator A24-T is a noiseless and maintenance-free continuous electro-thermal actuator that is suitable for example for connection to clima FCB-24 or clima AA8 and clima AA4 actuators.

The drive has an optical level indicator, so that at any time the valve position can be read.

By using different adapters (sold separately) is suitable to use the actuator for all common types of valves:

Order number Valve Brand Specification Picture
VA80 Heimeier, Herb, Onda,
Oeven-trop (M30x1,5), Schlösser ab 93
VA50 Honeywell, Brauckmann, Reich, Landis&Gyr, MNG M30x1,5
VA50H Böhnisch M30x1,5
VA78 Danfoss RA
VA26 Giacomoni

Other adapters on request.

Technical Data

Operating current typ. 80mA, <320mA on power-on
Cable length 1m
Travel / force / time 4mm / 100N / approx. 120s
Matching valve adaptors
Danfoss RA
Heimeier (M30x1,5)
MNG (M30x1,5)
MNG high (M30x1,5)
Others on request

VA 78
VA 26
VA 80
VA 50
VA 50H

Ordering Information

Product Description Order No.
clima A24-T Electrothermal actuator 020 325