With LON and BACnet for a clear and high-performance system setup

Networks of any size

LON networks can take on almost any size. An IP network (GA-LAN) serves as a backbone and for connecting the external systems. The transition to the installation level is made on a floor-by-floor basis by means of an IP router. These forward the LON telegrams to the room automation devices via one or more two-wire lines in free topology. This makes it easy to set up networks with 256 floors or areas and more than 32,000 devices.

Universal IP backbone

The central backbone of the e.control room automation system is an IP network with the protocols LON/IP for the communication of the room automation devices with each other (e.g. a telegram of the weather station to all blindacters) and BACnet/IP for communication with systems, such as the building management software or the DDC stations of plant automation. The possibility of sharing an IP network across all sub-systems of building automation creates a clear and high-performance system structure.

BACnet integration included

e.control floor controllers take over all important automation functions for the rooms of one floor, such as the provision of all data points, the processing of time programs, the recording of data trends and the generation of messages. To do this, you use the BACnet protocol, so that the integration into building management systems takes place without any problems, quickly and clearly. The latter is guaranteed by the floor controller by automatically sorting all objects in room by room, even if the e.control room automation system in flexible buildings is rather segment-oriented. And because the floor controller is also managed in the graphical e.control Designer software, even the update of all BACnet objects is done automatically in case of room changes. The integration of room automation cannot be easier.


  • Performant room automation network with max. 256 floors/areas and 32,000 devices
  • Using the GA’s shared IP network as a backbone
  • Automatic and room-by-room BACnet integration via floor controllers
  • Integration of touch panels into the IP backbone possible