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Monitoring of fire dampers

Control and monthly function check with clima BSK

Simplified monitoring

The clima BSK modules are ideal for monitoring thermal fire dampers and for controlling motor fire dampers. All modules include the standardized LonMark function profile “Fire and Smoke Damper Actuator”, which makes the integration of the flaps in the control and maintenance of ventilation systems much easier.

Integrated functional test

The BSK modules for motor fire dampers include a test function, which is activated centrally and checked for unhindered function during the closing and opening process. This test function thus fulfils the monthly functional testing of fire dampers without maintenance requirements.

Added value with room automation

The integration of motor fire dampers into e.control room automation is considerably simplified by clima BSK, as both speak the same protocol and can thus be set up as an overall system. It is useful, for example, to close valves in a targeted manner, the rooms of which are no longer occupied. This can reduce the air volume of the ventilation system, which leads to significant energy savings.


  • 4 modules for thermal and motor fire dampers in 24V and 230V version
  • Uniform software allows the combination of all modules in one system
  • Integrated functional test for BSK without maintenance requirements
  • Integration into room automation for more energy efficiency