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Increasing energy efficiency, reducing costs

Short payback time due to efficient energy savings

e.control creates added value

Commercial buildings not only offer their users suitable working environments, they are also capital investments. Economical operation with low energy consumption makes a significant contribution to maintaining value. This is where e.control from spega helps.


  • Preservation of value through economical building operation
  • Stops energy waste through permanent adaptation to demand
  • Reduction of energy consumption by up to 35%.
  • Meets the highest GA efficiency class A according to DIN EN 15232
  • Short payback time

Saving energy automatically

As a highly functional room automation system, e.control ensures that all rooms use as little energy as possible without reducing comfort. It also combines heating, air conditioning, ventilation, lighting and solar shading into a perfectly functioning team that constantly responds to the current needs of the room and thus avoids any waste of energy. Heating when the window is open, lighting switched on when the room is empty or supplied with daylight are now a thing of the past once and for all.

Top-class energy efficiency

e.control masters energy saving so well that it achieves the highest GA efficiency class A according to DIN EN 15232 for all building types and for all technical equipment variants. This makes e.control the first and indispensable choice for sustainable buildings.

Economy guaranteed

It is well known that energy savings reduce life cycle costs. How fast and how reliable this works with e.control will also convince you. The payback period is only a few years, since compared to conventional technical equipment, high savings of up to 35% are only offset by small investments.